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Pacific Venture's Crew

Capt. Chuck White is a member of the Oceanside Anglers Club. He holds a 100 ton Master U.S.C.G. license and has been a power boat owner since 1955. Chuck is married with two grown children has spent most of his life around the Pacific Ocean. He was a charter member of the Fallbrook Village Rotary Club for more than 28 years, and is more than happy to share his fishing experiences with one and all. 

Capt. Jerry Barber received his 100 ton Master License in 1994.He has been a boat owner since 1953 thur 2003. He was in the U.S. Navy 1961- 1965. His love for the Ocean continues today as he is the 2nd Capt. and deck boss on Pacific Venture. he loves catching Sharks, White Sea Bass and Rock Cod.

Capt. Richard Green  Has worked as a deckhand for many years on Pacific Venture. He loves offshore BIG Fish but is very capable at all types of fishing. He also works for the Oceanside Harbor Distrist so he is only available of Fridays and week-ends.

Brandon Paciotti, like Chuck, has spent most of his life at the edge of the Pacific Ocean. As Pacific Venture's support crew, Brandon has over 12 years fishing experience fishing from Oceanside Harbor, and helps keep things going.

We are licensed, insured and have 28 years of professional experience fishing from Oceanside Harbor and can help you plan an exceptional outing with many ocean activities for your family, friends and business associates.

Our crew and staff are dedicated to making your experience the most pleasant, relaxing and enjoyable time possible.

Bring your own equipment or we can provide everything at no charge. We have over 20 sets of equipment aboard. All fish are kept on ice and cleaned at no charge. We promote catch and release when possible.


  • First albacore 1975, 1977, 2000, 2002 and 2005
  • Hammerhead Shark, 220 pounds, 9-10-1980, 300# 9-10-14
  • Big Eye Tuna, 103 pounds, 8-16-1991
  • Swordfish, 30 lbs. test line, 125 pounds, 9-3-1982
  • Oceanside Mako Tournament, 2nd place, 1987, 1990, 1993
  • Largest Marlin, 30 pound test line, 182 pounds, 1990 S.D.
  • First Marlin of the Year/King HarborMarlins Club 1990
  • Halibut, 34 pounds, Tournament First Place, 3-15-1997
  • Two Marlins - Caught and Released same day, 9-1997
  • First albacore brought to Oceaside, 5-26-2000
  • 2nd Place Zane Grey Marlin Tournament 9-17-2001
  • 395 lbs Thresher Shark 5-15-2010